INNOVATIVE MONOQOOL is a new Danish high end eyewear brand. Designed in Denmark and manufactured in Japan.

Helix Designer

When designing the Helix range of eyewear for MONOQOOL, we wanted to make a statement. A statement that you can even simplify what is already regarded as simple, says Claus Jensen and Henrik Holbæk, the design duo behind Tools Design. Most eyewear designs rely on small mechanical solutions, most prominently represented as well known fixture helpers such as screws and bolts. While these kinds of solutions are well known, they do not add to the user s understanding of the mechanics involved to make a hinge. Seen in a microscope they are complicated and industrial. Something you don’t appreciate wearing. "With the Helix design, we wanted to eliminate the traditional hinge that makes most eyewear seem mechanical and complicated. We aimed to uncomplicate the complicated. And, in the process, we discovered a solution to attach the temples in a new way – by using the helix geometry, Claus Jensen adds. A helix is a mathematical shape. You see it every day. You use it to tie your shoes, to stitch fabric with a needle and thread, and its the geometry that make springs work. It makes light bulbs emit light, it makes clocks spin and it makes your mattress soft. But it can also be a hinge for eyewear. In the Helix range of eyewear, the helix geometry is the one that attaches the temples to the front and makes the glasses foldable. Unfolding the glasses at the end of the helix meets with the front and restrains the movement in the open position. It does it all. No screws or bolts. "Its design as we love to make it – with a twist. And even though youre not required to understand it to use it, it may make you appreciate the wonders of geometry: its beautiful – and it works!" Claus Jensen enthuses. TOOLS DESIGN Tools Design was founded in 1989 by Claus Jensen and Henrik Holbæk, and is located in the old industrial area north west of Copenhagen, which is now home to many creative businesses. With more than 200 awards and distinctions, among others the Red Dot award, IF Award, and IDEA awards, Tools Design rank among Denmark’s most awarded designers.